PDF Password Remover

pdf password remover

Supported: Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 and latest 10.10

iRock PDFPasswordRemover Quickly Remove Password from PDF and Gain Access to Your Important Data

iRock PDFPasswordRemover is a professional PDF decrypter with quickly removing owner PDF password which restricts PDF from copying, editing, or printing etc. You won't have to delay all the work any more if you have the PDF password remover for Mac.

  • Let you easily print, edit and copy restricted PDF.
  • Support batch decrypting PDF files at one time.
  • Clear decrypted PDFs within one click.
  • Supports Adobe PDF 1.0 to 1.7 formats.

Why Need PDF Password Remover for Mac

  • Can't print a read-only PDF file.
  • Want to copy text and graphics out of the PDF documents but cannot do because of the owner password protection.
  • Need to edit the document or add text notes on a password-encrypted PDF file.
  • Receive rejection when you are trying to convert encrypted PDF files to other formats.

Directly Remove PDF Password and Restriction

Forget your PDF password? Can get your PDF data? Or want to print, edit, and copy restricted PDF? iRock PDFPassword Remover can easily help you do that: Just add the PDF files and type in the User Password, the locked PDF will be decrypted directly. Then you can keep your unlocked PDF files in any desirable location.

Support Batch PDF decryption

If you are troubled by a lot of encrypted PDF files to unlock, just take iRock PDFPassword Remover which could save your time when you remove the password. No matter decrypting single PDF or 200 PDF files, it can easily do that at a time. What’s more, it could decrpyt a 500-page PDF with 1 minute.

High Compatibility

iRock PDFPasswordRemover can support Adobe PDF 1.0-1.7 formats and decrypt PDF files in any languages. Besides, it runs independently and do not require Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

Easy to Use

With only 3 steps: Launch-Import-Decrypt, you can remove the PDF Password quickly. If you want to clear the unlocked PDFs after decryption, it provides you one click to do that.